Youth Literacy Programme 2023 – 1st Session

Youth Literacy Programme 2023 - 1st Session

Under the auspices of The Clarkson Foundation Inc., I yesterday started our literary classes for approximately 25 primary school constituents ages 5-9 years old at our constituency office.

This programme, initially conceptualised in 2019 by then branch President Miss. Christina Haynes (whose son Cayden attended the classes), is scheduled to run for 5 weeks on Saturday mornings until the next school year commences.

We thank primary school teachers Misses Bonwin Medford, Tiffany Richards, Alison Pierre and Rosheena Harding along with assistants Misses Shanice Jordan and Akeila Harding as well as Mr. Jonathan Smith for ensuring that this very significant initiative continues after our country's return to normalcy following Covid's forced social distancing.

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