VIBES 2017 Participants

Preview of The Foundation & Programmes

The Clarkson Foundation Inc. is here to assist the most vulnerable members of Saint James North and its environs. Our programmes are designed to help individuals with developing their work and life skills as well as through charitable donations.

How We Work

Our sessions are designed to be interactive and participative, giving young individuals all the time and space needed to be comfortable and more receptive to our courses. We choose our facilitators carefully to ensure a rich mix of backgrounds and experiences may be shared with our participants.

Our sessions are here to provide support and may be used as an alternative when needed and ensure we can meet our mandate of assisting our communities.


The VIBES Programme

Preview or sign up for our VIBES Life Skills Course today.

Chick Donations

View our blog post for more information on our Chick Donations.

Literacy Programme

We have just concluded a fantastic Primary School Literacy Programme. Click to read more.