VIBES / NTI Life and Work Skills Programme 2022 – Session 4

Last Saturday morning, The Clarkson Foundation Inc. under the patronage of Saint James North Member of Parliament Edmund Hinkson held its fourth session of this year's VIBES life and work skills programme at the St. Albans Anglican Church.

A record turn out of forty four constituents benefited from excellent presentations from the team of the National Transformation Initiative led by its head, Dr. Allyson Leacock. Participants received a full briefing on the programmes which are being offered, free of cost to applicants, by the NTI.

These programmes are all geared to ensuring that those who take them become better citizens and indeed develop into being more complete and better-rounded individuals.
This is a key component in the drive by the Government of Barbados to assist our constituents in obtaining and securing more sustainable employment or facilitating their self-employment.

Immense gratitude to Dr. Leacock and her team headed by Ms. Tamara Springer which included Maria Holder-Small, my friend and a former President of the Council of the Disabled when I was a Director.

I would also like to thank Mr. O'Brien Smith, Youth Commissioner, for sharing with the attendees the various programs offered and upcoming.

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