VIBES Life and Work Skills Programme – 2022

Today marked the second session of my Foundation's life and work skills programme for young unemployed and underemployed constituents of St. James North. I am extremely proud that 43 participants came today, up from 21 last Saturday, to St. Albans Anglican Church to engage in their self-development and to hear how they can improve their problem solving ability, critical thinking, positive thinking , confidence in themselves, Integrity, attitude, aptitude and other aspects of their being which are fundamental to their progress in life.

I will always believe and invest in the youth of my constituency.

Thanks to Rhonda Bryan-Hutson and Roger Husbands for their professional tutorship today. Full kudos to The Clarkson Foundation Inc. for making this far-reaching programme possible for the fourth time during my tenure as Member of Parliament. Thanks to my political staff Shanice Jordan, J.P. and Jonathan Smith as well as the ever reliable and loyal Diana Forde, J.P., Sharon Thompson, J.P., Susan Packer and Harold Francis for their continuing assistance.

The Clarkson Foundation Inc. profusely thanks the OSI Computer Store for it's kindness in donating 86-inch tripod screen (pictured in the background) to be utilized for our social empowerment programmes.

We also take this opportunity to thank Ms. Britney Sealy of @workbarbados_ for her participation and inspiring address at the launch of this year's VIBES programme.

We deeply appreciate all of your support and cooperation towards our Foundation's causes.

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