VIBES Life and Work Skills Programme 2022 – Session 8

VIBES Life and Work Skills Programme 2022 – Session 8

Last Saturday, The Clarkson Foundation Inc. held its eighth and final session of this year's VIBES life and work skills programme. We hosted a mock interview process for 36 participants, conducted by a panel of expert human resource specialists.

We are extremely grateful to Ms. Claire Garnes, Recruitment Officer at the Youth Advance Corps, Ms. Laura Harewood, Human Resource Business Partner with the Barbados Light and Power Co., Ms. Joan Leacock, Human Resource Development Consultant/ Trainer, Ms. Cindy Miller, Executive Assistant with The Elegant Hotels Group and certified Hospitality Trainer, Ms. Joanne Odle, Human Resources and IT Manager at Hanschell Inniss Ltd., and Ms. Joycelyn Watts, Vocational Counselor, for taking their time to share their professionalism and expertise with my constituents.
They significantly prepared these participants for the reality of the job interview and their gateway to employment.

We are indebted to Reverend Dr. Lucille Baird, MBE, the Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Mount Zion's Missions Inc., and the management and staff of her Church for accommodating us and allowing their Great Hall for our participants' mock interviews.

On this coming Saturday, we are scheduled to visit Nine Acres Farm in Christ Church, so that participants can see first hand agricultural and farming operations and explore available employment and self-employment opportunities in this very important productive and food security sector.

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