VIBES Life and Work Skills Programme 2022 – Session 6

VIBES Life and Work Skills Programme 2022 – Session 6

Last Saturday, the Clarkson Foundation Inc. held its sixth VIBES life and work skills session for this year again at the St. Albans Anglican Church. A record number of forty seven participants from St. James North were treated to master piece presentations on available skills and vocational training opportunities as well as potential employment avenues.

We profusely thank Mrs. Pauline Farnum, Senior Employment Officer in the Ministry of Labour, Ms. Liz Bowen of the Ministry of Community Development and Mr. Henderson Thompson, Director of the Vocational Training Board, for enlightening everyone present on the numerous programmes being offered by the various Government agencies to assist our People in a fundamental way towards employment and self-employment.

We thank Mrs. Yvette Walcott-Davis, the Director of the Barbados Employment and Career Counselling Service, for her interest in what we are seeking to achieve, as demonstrated tangibly by her presence at the session.

We thank Mrs. Rhonda Bryan-Hutson and Mr. Roger Husbands, our team leaders and human resource management consultants, on their continuing role in this exercise.

Finally, we thank all my many constituents who each Saturday morning come to these sessions and show by your continued attendance your appreciation of the benefits of this initiative towards your personal development.

We look forward to next Saturday, 18th June welcoming Miss. Erica Hinkson, Marketing Specialist/Consultant and Mr. Eric Scott, Credit Account Manager of the Barbados Trust Fund, who will provide vital information on marketing strategy and loan funding granted to small businesses.

We will also welcome Miss. Deborah Butler, one of the first graduates of this VIBES programme in 2014, who has now received multiple NIFCA Gold, Silver and Bronze awards for success in starting and undertaking her business enterprise.

All of my constituents who have applied for loans from the Barbados Trust Fund within the last year are invited to attend.

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