Primary School Literacy Programme - Final Day and Donations Group Photo

Primary School Literacy Programme

In July 2019, Ms Christina Haynes, then President of the St. James North BLP branch, began a reading programme in St. James North with the goal of leaving no child in Barbados behind. The intimate programme was an excellent first step to improving literacy in the constituency. Ms Haynes was assisted by Mrs Karen Jordan, Mr Sergio Alleyne, and Ms Erica Hinkson. Thoughtful book donations from Chattelhouse Barbados authors and other kind-hearted Barbadians were also helpful and. the team truly expanded the children’s knowledge and their imaginations.
Continuing in this light, every Saturday morning during August, we held remedial literacy sessions with approximately 15 primary school students from St. James North at the constituency office. The children and their parents were all very grateful for the opportunity provided during this summer for these children to continue their education in a meaningful manner.
We are extremely thankful to teachers Miss. Jacqueline Medford, Miss. Jevonne Browne and Ms Margo Griffith for voluntarily giving of their time, knowledge and educational expertise in conducting the programme. We also commend Misses Shernelle Francis, Jayde Alleyne, Marrianne Burnham, Shanice Jordan and all constituents for their assistance in this noble cause.
Our members are pleased to have been able to organise this programme and to contribute in some measure to the educational development of these children. We look forward to the next session.
As national leaders, we have a significant obligation to ensure that as many of our youth as possible are given every opportunity to fully realise their potential to be exceptional citizens. They deserve this from us. None of our young people must be left behind as we strive to create a better Barbados in these challenging times.

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