Parent Education and Personal Development Programme – Graduation

Parent Education and Personal Development Programme - Graduation

The Clarkson Foundation Inc. held the graduation ceremony for its fifth personal development programme for 26 graduates and participants on Saturday, 1st June, 2024.

20 graduates and participants were present at The Garden Church of God, Reid Road, The Garden, St. James to personally receive their certificates. This was the first time that a parental education component was added to the life and work skills programme along with the usual preparation for and actual mock interviews conducted by human resources management experts.

Addresses of exceptionally high quality were delivered with a personal touch by both Deputy Prime Minister Santia Bradshaw, M.P. and Ms. Shamelle Rice, Founder of Jabez House. Pertinent and inspirational remarks were delivered by both Minister and Senator Chad Blackman and the Foundation's Patron and St. James North M.P., Edmund Hinkson, S.C. The valedictorian speech by Miss. Simone Smith was brilliant, succinctly summarising the various modules which the graduates experienced and calling on everyone to internalise what they had learnt over the 9 weeks' course and in the mock interviews so that they could be better parents and their future lives more fulfilling.

Awards were also presented to those individuals who assisted in caring for the children whilst their parents attended the course as well as to the two churches and school where various aspects of the programme were held.

The personal development of people so that their lives can be improved is undoubtedly part of what meaningful representation of constituents is all about.

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